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Study Abroad Library Information: ASIA: ID-SG-MY


National Library: an important appointment I had was at the National Library of Indonesia. It has the distinction of being "the tallest library in the world."  Opened in 2017, it is a beautiful skyscraper in the heart of Jakarta, rising 24 floors high.  Services and collections are on every floor (here).  Top: various views of the library: from afar, at the entrance, in the lobby looking up.  Bottom: On the top (24th) floor's observation deck, with Indonesian library colleagues, overlooking Jakarta. 

National Library of Indonesia building  John in front of the National Library of Indonesia  John in the lobby of the National Library of Indonesia


University of Indonesia Library visit: The University of Indonesia's Library is a innovative, eco-friendly building built right into the landscaping: next to a lake, and with a green grass roof.  Left: the beautiful library exterior; Right: the first floor lobby of the library is comprised of a food court and shops.  Wow! Now that's an innovative way to attract students to the library!

Exterior of the University of Indonesia library  University of Indonesia Library lobby food court


Gadjah Mada University Library visit.  This is another prominent university in Indonesia, in the city of Yogyakarta.  Below Left: with Library Officer Dr. Safirotu Khoir, at the entrance of the UGM Library.  The library has adopted innovative modernizations and new features.  For example, Below Right: a new group collaboration leisure room, right inside the library, promoting social interaction and learning.  (I'm testing it out, with a hole-in-one!) 

John at entrance of UGM Library in Indonesia  John in commons room of UGM Library, Indonesia


Islamic University of Indonesia Library visit.  This academic library (private religious university) was fascinating to visit.  It contains a notable  collection of Indonesian Islamic sources.  When the library was being constructed, the builders unearthed a pre-Islamic Hindu temple on the site.  So, out of archeological respect, they changed the library design and built the library around the temple.  Top Left: aerial view of the library, curved around the the Hindu ruins.  Top Right: at the library's lobby entrance.  

Aerial view of IUI Library, Indonesia  John in front of the IGI Library lobby sign


Brawijaya University Library visit.  Below: at the entrance of the Brawijaya library ("Perpustakaan" is Indonesian for Library), and the new, colorful Information Commons area of the library's first floor lobby.

John in front of fBrawijaya University Library New Information Commons room of Brawijaya University Library


Petra Christian University Library.  I was invited to speak to a regional association of Indonesian librarians (southeastern Java), held at the library of Petra Christian University in Surabaya.  My inviting host was Dr. Aditya Nugraha, director of the university's Excellence in Learning and Teaching Center, and former director of the library (whom I first met in 2005--17 years ago!)  Below: Left: At the Library building entrance.  Right: testing out the library's new Virtual Reality lab.

John at Petra University library entrance, Indonesia        John testing library Virtual Reality goggles                               


Singapore National Library visit.  In central Singapore is the National Library, a beautiful 16-floor, glass-walled (natural lighting) building, constructed in 2005. Left: exterior photo of the library.  Right: at the ground-level entrance signs (for the Children's Library and Reference Library).

Exterior photo of the National Library of Singapore  John at the entrance signs of the Singapore National Library

Singapore Academic Library visits.  Singapore has 6 universities.  The libraries at the top three are world-class, with full services and technological innovations.  For example, below are: Left: National University of Singapore's central library entrance, featuring natural lighting and spacious, casual seating for collaborative group learning.  Right: Nanyang Technological University's library, featuring colorful group discussion pods.

National University of Singapore library exterior    Nanyang Technological University Library in Singapore


SEGI University Library.  Left: in addition to Malaysia's various public universities, like the University of Malaya, there are many private universities, such as SEGI University in Kuala Lumpur.  Right: presenting a CSUF LED light gift to SEGI Library Director, Raja Nur Ashykin Bt Raja Iskandar.  She will be participating in the ALA ASEAN Sister Library project.

John at SEGI University, Malaysia John with Library Director of SEGI University, Malaysia


Visiting the Kuala Lumpur Public Library.   Malaysia's capital city of Kuala Lumpur has a beautiful municipal public library!  Right: the amazing glass exterior, with two rotunda ends on each side. Left: up close with the library's "Perpustakaan" sign ("Library" in Malaysian language).

Exterior of Kuala Lumpur Public Library      John next to the "Perpustakaan" (Library) sign of the Kuala Lumpur Public Library

Left: a lovely, new cafe & coffee shop inside the library.  Right: In the book stacks (Dewey classification) finding some Malaysian cookbooks!

Cafe inside the Kuala Lumpur Public Library      John inside the book stacks of the Kuala Lumpur Public Library

Left: a banner promoting the library's e-books.  Right: the festive children's library, with a forest interior design.

banner promoting e-books in the Kuala Lumpur Public Library       Children's Library in the Kuala Lumpur Public Library