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Campus Zoom Rooms: Spring 2022

Spring 2022

If you are on campus and need a place to sit for an online class, the list below indicates campus rooms that are available for drop-in Zooming.  Chairs/lighting/electricity/Wifi are available at these locations.  (Numbers in parentheses indicate room capacity).  You will need your own device--laptop/phone/tablet/etc.--for your Zooming at these locations.

Mondays-Wednesdays-FridaysStudent Zooming on a laptop
GH 204 (27): 7am-2:20pm (MW); 4-10pm (M), 7-10pm(W), all day (F)
LH 301 (39): 7am-3:50pm (MW), all day (F)
MH 491 (36): 7-10:20am (MW), 12-3:50pm (MW), 5:30-10pm (MW), all day (F)

H415 (23): 7am-12:50pm, 5:30-10pm 
MH 457 (37): 7am-12:50pm, 5pm-10pm 
MH655 (37): 7am-10:50 am, 1pm-10pm 
CS102A (26): 1pm-10pm 

GH 204 (27): 7am-3:50pm, 7-10pm (Tue); 7am-12:50pm, 4-10pm (Thu)
MH 563 (38): 11:00am-10pm (Tue-Thu)

EC049 (39): 7AM-12:50pm 
LH315 (38): 7am-12:50pm
MH457 (37): 8am-2:15pm 
CS102A (26): 1pm-10 pm
EC023 (38): 1pm-10pm 
H415 (23): 11:30am-10pm 

KHS160 (39): 7am-2:20pm 
E-SE022 (36): 7am-2:20pm
MH 487 (45): 1pm-10pm
MH 615 (42): 1pm-10pm