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English & Comparative Literature Research Guide: Annotate | Cite | Evaluate

Annotated Bibliography

MLA Style Guides

Evaluate Sources: Journals, Magazines, Trade Magazines

ADVERTISING Few or no advertisements Extensive advertising Extensive advertising
AUDIENCE Scholars and college students General;broad based Working Professionals
AUTHOR Scholars and Researchers Staff and freelance writers Professionals and staff
BIBLIOGRAPHY Always include bibliographies None May offer a bibliography
LANGUAGE/TONE Academic, research-oriented Simple language Professional terminology
LENGTH OF ARTICLE Can be 6-40 pages Varies; often short Varies; often short
VISUAL DESIGN Few or no pictures, Text w/statistics, few colors Extensive pictures, Glossy, colorful
PUBLISHER University or professional organizations For-profit commercial Professional organizations
EXAMPLES Shakespeare Quarterly,  Medieval & Renaissance Drama in England, Literature/Film Quarterly Time, National Geographic, Heirloom Gardener Poets & Writers