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MRI University Reporter database: Home

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You have been directed to this page because you are interested in the CSUF Library's MRI University Reporter database.  This database provides statistics of  consumer behavior surveys (activity, spending, brand preference, etc.) and is primarily used by Marketing and Advertising students.

MRI is not a simple "find an article" database like other library databases.
(1) you access it differently than other library databases, and must register your email and a password (you create) at the MRI website, plus enter a registration code.  The registration code--and the link to the MRI website--are here.  If you need help with the registration process, step-by-step instructions are in the PDF below.

(2) the MRI database requires some training to understand.  Below is (a) a PDF guide on how to use it; and (b) some short training videos on how to use it.  Librarians are available for further help, but you must consult the guide and videos first.


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