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How to Publish While in Grad School: Grad Student Workshop

Part 2 in the OGS Becoming a Strategic Scholar Series. Strategize, self-advocate, and negotiate ways for class assignments to become conference presentations, journal articles, book chapters, and even future dissertation chapters.

Tailor Your Assignments and Courses as Publishing Opportunities

  • Identify and take courses built around an academic publishing/editing experience
  • Negotiate with professors about turning assignments into publishing opportunities
  • Plan to submit research papers, book reviews, etc., for publication at the end of the semester
  • Design an independent study as a publishing project
  • Plan your course schedule as a way of chunking your thesis/dissertation
  • Talk with your advisor about which courses would provide optimal publishing opportunities
  • Consider research and publishing opportunities in your assessment of future grad programs
  • Activity: Think, Pair, Share, Care: Set a Few Practical, Achievable Publishing Goals for Yourself and Email a Friend/Colleague to Hold You Accountable for Achieving those Goals