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How to Publish While in Grad School: Grad Student Workshop

Part 2 in the OGS Becoming a Strategic Scholar Series. Strategize, self-advocate, and negotiate ways for class assignments to become conference presentations, journal articles, book chapters, and even future dissertation chapters.

Find Professor and Student Collaborators

  • Read up on what some your favorite professors have been publishing and whether they have collaborated with students
  • Meet with your professors to discuss their research and publications (past and upcoming)
  • Ask your professors if there are opportunities to assist with upcoming publishing projects
  • Find out which of your fellow students have published or are submitting potential publications
  • Ask your fellow students about co-authoring or co-presenting opportunities
  • Activity: Large Group Survey and Discussion:
    • How many attendees have been an author or co-author in an academic publication?
    • How many attendees have tried submitting a writing to be published?
    • Please share your experience(s)