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Getting the Most from the Library: Grad Student Workshop

Part 1 in the OGS Becoming a Strategic Scholar Series. This class invites graduate students to envision their academic research journeys and discover the roles the Library can play in fulfilling those journeys.

Library as Scholarly Commons

  • Place for students, faculty, and the broader academic community to gather and converse
  • Place for academic presentations and programs (email: cgreene)
  • Place for creative exhibits and displays (like a more participatory museum; email: trishcampbell)
  • Place for multicultural expression and inclusion (Cultural Centers; space configuration; standing art and occasional displays)
  • Place for citizen advocacy and activism (e.g., voter registration!)
  • Place for students to reserve study space
  • Place for students to get support with tech & assignment printing (Genius Corner), special/bulk printing (DPS), writing (Writing Center), and general tutoring (University Learning Center)
  • Place for grad students to get free coffee, snacks, and specialized EWP, Stats, and Thesis tutoring (GSSC)
  • Place for students to feel focused and motivated by a culture of curiosity and study
  • Place for students to feel welcomed and recharged by a culture of fun and empathy; Pollak Library Outreach and Event Team (email: jsage or jlambert)