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Research Guides - Barbara Miller

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Barbara Miller
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Art 300 - Drew
by Barbara Miller - Last Updated Sep 24, 2013
Guide to for Professor Patricia Drew's Art 300 writing assignments
Tags: art 300, bmiller, careers in art, censorship in art, drew, funding, grants, public art, research, writing
BUAD 301 -- Putros
by Barbara Miller - Last Updated Jul 29, 2014
Resources for Professor Putros' team analytical report: corporate outreach programs
Tags: bmiller, buad 301, business writing 301, corporate responsibility programs, putros, team analytical report, volunteerism
Business 301 -- Local community focus
by Barbara Miller, Robert Sage - Last Updated Feb 26, 2013
An online guide for Business 301 classes with assignments that need local community information.
Tags: bmiller, buad 301, business writing, businesses, census, cities, communities, demographics, economic data, lifestyles, local community, sabahi, social data, southern california, statistical data, statistics, towns
Chicana & Chicano Studies (CHIC)
by Barbara Miller - Last Updated Jun 23, 2014
Subject guide for Chicana and Chicano Studies (CHIC)
Tags: bmiller, chic, chicana & chicano studies, chicanas, chicanos, crc, hispanics, latinas, latinos, mexican americans
Chicana & Chicano Studies (CHIC) -- Genealogy and Family History Focus
by Barbara Miller - Last Updated Feb 12, 2013
An online guide for research resources in Chicana & Chicano Studies topics with a genealogical or family history focus
Tags: bmiller, chic, family history, family tree, genealogy
Chicana & Chicano Studies (CHIC) -- Health Focus
by Barbara Miller - Last Updated Feb 12, 2014
Research resources for the study of health issues in the Chicano Community
Tags: bmiller, chic, chic 471, chicana & chicano studies, chicano community, health issues, health policies, health sciences, minorities
Chicana & Chicano Studies (CHIC) -- Literature Focus
by Barbara Miller - Last Updated Feb 11, 2014
Resources for conducting research on Chicano and Latin American literature primarily in English
Tags: bmiller, chic 336, chic 337, chic 430, chic 433, chicana & chicano studies, chicana liturature, chicano literature, mexican literature
Chicana & Chicano Studies (CHIC) -- Mesoamerican Indigenous Cultures Focus
by Barbara Miller - Last Updated Jun 19, 2014
An online guide to resources for conducting Archaeological and Anthropological research on the indigenous cultures of Mesoamerica
Tags: bmiller, central america, chic, chicana & chicano studies, chichimec, huichol, indigenous peoples, maya, mesoamerica, mexica, mexico, mixtec, nahua, nahualt, olmec, tarascan, toltec, zapotec
Communications 201 -- Stewart
by Barbara Miller - Last Updated Mar 26, 2014
Resources for COMM 201: Reporting for Mass Media I
Tags: bmiller, comm 201, communications 201, stewart, student engagement
by Barbara Miller - Last Updated Dec 9, 2013
Subject guide for Linguistics
Tags: linguistics
Marketing 596T -- Cadwallader
by Barbara Miller, Robert Sage - Last Updated Feb 22, 2014
Resources for Professor Cadwallader's Marketing 596T white paper assignment
Tags: 50+, bmiller, cadwallader, industries, marketing, marketing 596t, rsage
McNair Summer Institute
by Barbara Miller - Last Updated Jun 12, 2014
Research Resources for McNair Scholars
Tags: bmiller, mcnair scholars, research
Modern Languages & Literatures
by Barbara Miller - Last Updated Sep 15, 2014
A guide to resources for Modern Languages and Literatures, including Spanish, French, German, as well as the International Business Concentration and Foreign Language Education. Other languages will be added. See separate guides for Chinese and TESOL
Tags: arab, arabic, bmiller, fren, french, german, grmn, ital, italian, japanese, japn, jlambert, kore, korean, mlng, modern languages, modern languages & literatures, modern literatures, pers, persian, port, portuguese, span, spanish, viet, vietnamese
Political Science 375-Law, Politics, & Society -- Castro
by Barbara Miller - Last Updated Mar 24, 2014
Resources for Professor Castro's POSC 375 PowerPoint Presentation and Voting Rights Act Essay Assignments
Tags: bmiller, castro, essay, law, political science 375, politics, posc 375, powerpoint presentation, society, voting rights act
RTVF 365
by Barbara Miller - Last Updated Jun 10, 2014
Research guide for Professor Jenkins' Radio - TV - Film 365 class, Summer Session 2014
Tags: bmiller, children's educational television programs, children's television, educational television, radio-tv-film, rtvf, rtvf 365, shelley jenkins
University 100 -- Valenciana
by Barbara Miller - Last Updated Sep 3, 2014
Resources for conducting your family history
Tags: bmiller, family history, interviews, oral history, univ 100, university 100, valenciana