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Mark Bilby
Pollak Library, California State University Fullerton
800 N State College Blvd
Fullerton, CA 92831
Mark is the Scholarly Communications Librarian at California State University, Fullerton. Mark completed his Ph.D. in Religious Studies (Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity) at the University of Virginia in 2012 and his MSLIS at Drexel University in 2015. His academic interests include Institutional Repositories, Digital Humanities, Open Access publishing, Open Educational Resources, Affordable Learning Solutions, Inter-religious and Inter-cultural dialogue, and Religion and Literature in the Late-Antique Mediterranean.

He is the author of the monograph As the bandit will I confess you: Luke 23, 39-43 in early Christian interpretation. Cahiers de Biblia Patristica 13 (Strasbourg: Centre d’Analyse et de Documentation Patristiques, University of Strasbourg; Turnhout: Brepols, 2013) [ISBN 978-2-906805-12-5]. He also edited and contributed chapters to the books Reconsidering Arminius: Beyond the Reformed and Wesleyan Divide (Nashville: Kingswood/Abingdon, 2015) [ISBN 9781426796555] and Classical Greek Models of the Gospels and Acts: Studies in Mimesis Criticism (Claremont: Claremont Press, 2018) [ISBN 9781946230188].

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