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Google Apps for Education: Home

Tips, recommendations, and use cases for Google Apps for Education.

Welcome to Google Apps for Eduation

Google AppsWelcome to the Google Apps for Education guide. Although geared specifically towards instutions and educators using Google Apps for EDU, many of these instructions, recommendations, and use cases can be applied to personal Google Apps as well.

When you browse this guide you'll find:

  • How-To tutorials for using various Google Apps.
  • A comparison between Google Apps for EDU, Google Apps for Business, Google Apps for Nonprofits, and Google Apps for personal use.
  • Suggested use cases for educators.
  • Experts (aka Gurus) from whom you can learn more.

What is Google Apps for Education?

From kindergarten to university, the first day at school to the last day at college, Google Apps for Education is there. Every step of the way.

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