Genetic Genealogy: Discoveries

Understanding and using DNA for family history research.

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Groundbreaking and high profile genetic genealogy projects, such as the Genographic Project and the Richard III Discovery.

The Genographic Project

The Genographic Project by National Geographic

Since its launch in 2005, National Geographic’s Genographic Project has used advanced DNA analysis and worked with indigenous communities to help answer fundamental questions about where humans originated and how we came to populate the Earth.

DNA Identification of King Richard III of England

The Discovery of Richard III

In August 2012 the University of Leicester began the search for the missing grave of King Richard III, the last English king to die in battle. They announced their discovery in February 2014, and the remains received a proper royal burial in March 2015.

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Selected videos showcasing the King Richard III identification case: the genetic and genealogical analysis, and the archaelogigal dig.
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