Genetic Genealogy: Concepts

Understanding and using DNA for family history research.

Section Contents

Information for those just venturing into DNA testing: why test, which test, which testing company, and what to do with your first test.
Since most experts recommend beginning with autosomal DNA testing, that is the emphasis in this section.

Why DNA for Genealogy?

Introduction to DNA

Part of the Explainer short online documentary series by BBC Knowledge and Learning. Molecular biologist Dr Matthew Adams and script writer Andrew S. Walsh explain DNA’s form and function, and how these discoveries has affected the wider world.

BBC Knowledge Explainer DNA from Territory on Vimeo.

Genetics 101

An introduction to genetics that you can understand from 23andMe. Find out, what are genes and SNPs? Learn more about phenotypes and where your genes come from. Produced by 23andMe and the Khanh Academy.

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