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Library Guide for Professor Harnick-Shapiro's Computer Science 311 class.

Cynthia Bruns, Pollak Library, Librarian

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Professor Harnick-Shapiro, Computer Science Faculty
Cynthia Bruns, CSUF Instruction Librarian

This guide will show you how to locate:

  • Background Information on your topics
  • Books, both print and ebooks
  • Scholarly Journal and Trade Magazine Articles
  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Cite Your Sources in IEEE or APA format

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assignment for Computer Sciecen 311

Reseaching noteable computer scientists
Grace Murray Hopper
Radia Perlman
Eva Tardos
Jennifer Widom
Susan Lois Graham
Donald Knuth
Edsgar Dijkstra
Alan Perlis
Marvin Minsky
Richard M. Stallman
Brian Kernighan
Douglas Engelbart
Barbara Grosz

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