English 301 Dr. Ochoa: Articles

This is a guide for students enrolled in Dr. Peggy Ochoa's English 301 course.

Citation example

What is the name of the Journal?

What is the title of the Article?

Who is the Author?    

What date was the article published?

What do the other numbers mean?


Neuman, R. (2008). Disneyland's Main Street, USA, and Its Sources in Hollywood, USA. Journal Of American Culture, 31(1), 83-97. doi:10.1111/j.1542-734X.2008.00665.x


Finding Government Documents

What subjects are in the Government Documents Collection?

Government documents have been published on just about every subject. Pollak Library collects documents in all subject areas that support the CSUF academic curriculum and the needs of our academic community and surrounding public. Business statistics, census data, endangered species reports, cancer research, education research and many more subjects are well covered in the Government Documents Collection. Congressional hearings, public laws, Surgeon General reports, and Supreme Court opinions are also included. Many congressional documents are now available online through Congress.gov or a Google search with a restricted domain of site:.gov.

How do I find government documents on my topic?

To find government documents in Pollak Library:
Search the Library Catalog by keyword, title, subject, or author and change the default from All Collections to Government Documents Collections Only.
Note: Many recent documents that are found in the Library Catalog include links to full text online. If there is a link Access on Internet, click on this link to retrieve the document online.

(source:  Megan Wagner, Government Documents Librarian)


Articles from Journals and Magazines

Intro to Databases

Databases are collections of credible resources equipped with powerful search tools. They are invaluable for your research! Learn more in this great introductory video from Yavapai College.

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