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This is a guide for students in Professor John Marshall's ALP 801 class.

Where to find HELP!

ALP 801

John MarshallCSUF Faculty

Joy Sage, CSUF Librarian                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
 This guide will show you how to:

  •  Find Books, both print and ebooks
  •  Find Journal and Magazine Articles
  •  Avoid Plagiarism
  •  Cite Your Sources in APA format
  •  Evaluate Web sources

Places to get assistance:

*Reference Desk1st floor- North Library Building          

Make an Appointment                

More Ways to Ask for help



You will be writing two research essays of 1500 words each.  The first is based on articles that are in your textbook.  You will also have an assignment tht requires you to research a topic of your choice and use at least five sources from the library. will be 3-5 pages long and discuss a topic of your choice. The paper will be in APA style.  You will use mostly sources from the Pollak Library.  This paper will be your chance to become familiar with our library's resources and to demonstrate your very best university-level writing skills

General Controversial topics

General Controversial topics

Controversial topics in education

Controversial topics in business

Topics in Criminal Justice



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Joy Sage
Joy Sage
(657) 278-2151

Spark Tutorials!

Pollak Library’s Spark Tutorials are a collection of interactive tutorials in TITANium that will give you a thorough orientation to Pollak Library. Once you complete all of the tutorials (10-15 minutes each) , you will be familiar with the library’s services and collections, with the basic functions of the library website including how to get started with library research, and how to get help with library research. You earn a digital badge for 100% scores on each tutorial. The Spark Tutorials are closed captioned.

Visit the Spark Tutorials in Titanium.                                        Spark Tutorial Badges

Spark Tutorial suite includes:

  • Pollak Library: Services & Collections
  • Pollak Library: Finding Books & Media
  • Pollak Library: Finding Articles & Databases
  • Pollak Library: Help & Support



Prepare for Fun and Competition!  Enter the Kahoot pin number given by the librarian.  Kahoot games icon