Computer Science 311 - Harnick-Shapiro: Evaluate Websites

Library Guide for Professor Harnick-Shapiro's Computer Science 311 class.

Evaluation Criterion

* Is the author an authority or expert?
* What is the author's agenda?
* Is the website selling products? 
* Is evidence used to support facts?

* Is the information current?
* Do you think the information is correct?

Evaluating Websites


Start Here Evaluating Websites

1st, start with...ABOUT
See the ABOUT link on a website.  It lists the website's purpose and/or the author(s).

2nd, look at... AUTHORS

  • Quality websites list author(s). Author(s) are a person, a group, organization, company, or govt. agency.
  • Websites with no authors are anonymous and anonymous websites are not used in research.
  • Company websites are advertisements and should be treated as such. General Mills History

Sample Websites

  • Harry Chandler Be skeptical about biographical information found in Wikipedia.
  • Food Timeline See about link for details.  Not college-level (awarded Great Websites for Children
  • Exercise & Stress, Mayo Clinic  This contains patient advice, not college-level research information.
  • PubMed this database that stores international medical research, is college-level and authoritative. 

IN CONCLUSION: Become a snob when you do research on the Internet.  Evaluate all websites.  Use information that is college-level, identify bias, look for the author(s) credentials, and do not cite suspect or low-quality websites.