EDAD 564: Education Law: Databases for Ed Law Research

This guide provides resources and tools for researching education law.

Education Law Database Resources

Core database for education law research is:

WestlawNext Campus Research

This authoritative database for education law research allows you to search by topic and easily find documents when you have a citation. KeyCite, the Westlaw citator product, is the easiest way to check references to cases, statutes, and regulations.

Other Useful Databases


In this database you can find useful articles ABOUT laws and cases. When searching, include your topic, e.g. "search and seizure" or "school prayer" and also add the keywords "laws or legislation or cases or legal or regulations."

Education Full Text

Google Scholar

Useful for keyword searches of case law, including federal and state courts (e.g. California courts). Set your 'scholar preferences' to 'CSUF' to access information on CSUF holdings. Also includes, scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports and more. 

CA Gov't Databases and Resources for Education Law

California Legislative Information Available Over Internet

Best to use a site search when accessing this resource to search for primary sources pertaining to CA education law. Welcome to leginfo.public.ca.gov, the address for the California Legislature's Public Access computer.  This computer makes California's legislative information available on the Internet.