Human Communication 138/338: Literature

The library guide has been designed to assist the CSUF Debate Team with their research needs.

Sources of Information on Literature Topics

Here are some ways to locate pieces of literature and criticism of literature. 
1. To find an actual book in print or ebook in this library:
Library catalog

Melville, Herman (notice that name is listed last name, first name)
Moby Dick
             To find a chapter, essay or short story:
Tell-tale Heart look within the table of contents.
             To find criticism, discussion, or interpretation:
Melville, Herman

2. To find books, poems, monologues not owned by this library
(so that you can request through Interlibrary Loan) see WorldCat linked to the right
3. To find criticism and discussion of literature stored in databases
see Literature Resource Center Reference Information and MLA Bibliography linked to the right...

4. To find biographical information on authors, and lists of their work,
see Literature Resource Center Reference Information

5. To find a published copy of a play
see The Play Index linked to the right...

6. To find Poetry
see Pollak Library catalog by author or search the title of the poem as a Keyword
see Columbia Grangers World of Poetry linked to the right
       includes information on poet and full-text of many poems
see Gales Literary Index
       includes information on poet and full-text of many poems

7. Search Google hoping to find your book full-text online. 
       This works best for book published before 1923, but all sorts of books might be found
       Sample search within Google: Google books "Edgar Allan Poe" The Raven
       Note: This will bring up a odd variety of websites to dig through
                You are looking for one that has the phrase "preview this book" Click there.

Databases that offer information on literature, poems, short stories, more

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