Human Communication 138/338: Use Citation to Find Article

The library guide has been designed to assist the CSUF Debate Team with their research needs.

Find an article when you have the exact citation

Kim, J., Bang, Y., & Lee, W. J. (2016). Living near nuclear power plants and thyroid cancer risk: A systematic
      review and meta-analysis. Environment International, 8742-48. doi:10.1016/j.envint.2015.11.006

access this article

Three ways to search for this article online (in order of the most reliable method)

  • Start with the Library home page and click on JOURNALS.  Enter in the title of journal, Environment International.  This will tell you if we have the journal and if we own access to 2016.
  • OR search the citation in Google scholar (the CSUF version found with the Library home page)
  • OR enter in the title of the article into the BASIC search on the library home page.