Human Communication 138/338: Books

The library guide has been designed to assist the CSUF Debate Team with their research needs.

Request a book be Paged for you

5th floor books are temporarily unavailable for browsing. However, all books are available to you.  Simply ask that we page the book for you.

  • Use this link and fill out the form.
  • This will take 2-3 hours.
  • You may request books while at home
  • Paged books available at the Circulation Desk.
  • Paged books are kept in Circ for more than a week.

Book truck

Pollak Library Catalog

Pollak Library Catalog books, ebooks, sound recordings, streaming video, DVDs, statistical sources, Government hearing, policies, laws, & more.

  • Author...Lee, Harper (author) see also Lee, Harper (subject)
  • Keyword...* is a truncation symbol. (such as refugees and immigran* = Immigration or immigrants)
  • Keywords...Mosuo leads to Subject: Naxi Chinese people
  • Keywords...Humanitarian refugees leads to Subject Humanitarian Assistance American
  • Example of Streaming Video Seeds of Time

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