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Writing in the Visual Arts

Helpful subject headings

Perform a SUBJECT search in the Pollak Library Catalog.

  • Art -- 21st century

  • Art criticism

  • Art -- Philosophy

  • Multimedia (Art)

  • Installations (Art)

  • Art and technology

  • Interactive art

  • Digital art

  • Artistic collaboration

  • Art -- Aspect social

Also consider combining a word for a concept with "in art" or "and art" or "Art and" for example:

  • Politics in art

  • Time in art

  • Art and society

  • Aesthetics and art

  • Computers and art

  • Art and technology

  • Biology and art

  • Science in art

  • Art and electronics

Library Catalog

Pollak Library Catalog  or Books and EBooks used for locating books, ebooks, journals by title, reference, exhibition catalogs and more--both in print and online.

  • Keyword...enter a few words you would like to find in your search. 
    such as:
    Picasso and Cubism: produces books with those two words in the record
  • Author...Storr, Robert
    Notice that names are listed Last name, First name
  • Subject Heading...These standardized phrases are assigned by the Library of Congress
    such as:
    Picasso, Pablo 1881-1973 
    Books are assigned subject headings which leads to more books.
    The years listed after Picasso's name are his birth and death dates. This helps in cases where there are people with similar names, such as Smith, John

In addition, search the Pollak Library's entire collection or search a specific part of the collection (Reference, audio-visual materials, Internet resources) by using the drop-down menus.


Subject Guide

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