Educational Leadership: Masters in Higher Education (MSHE): Empirical and Review Articles - Excercise

This guide was created for graduate students in the MSHE program.

Article Exercise

An empirical article is a research article that reports the results of a study that uses data derived from actual observation or experimentation.

A scholarly literature review article summarizes and critically evaluates academic articles and other scholarly works on a topic.  It does not contain original research.

Click on the links below to determine if the sample articles present empirical studies or review the literature. 


Hernandez, S., Hernandez, I. J., Gadson, R., Huftalin, D., Ortiz, A. M., White, M. C., & Yocum-Gaffney, D. (2010). Sharing Their Secrets: Undocumented Students' Personal Stories of Fear, Drive, and Survival. New Directions For Student Services, (131), 67-84.


Flores, S. M., & Horn, C. L. (2010). College Persistence among Undocumented Students at a Selective Public University: A Quantitative Case Study Analysis. Journal Of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice, 11(1), 57-76.