ENGL 101-Dickinson: Articles

This is a guide for students in Professor Amy Dickinson's English 101 course

Intro to Databases

Databases are collections of credible resources equipped with powerful search tools. They are invaluable for your research! Learn more in this great introductory video from Yavapai College.


Articles from Journals and Magazines

General Database Search Strategies

 academic search premier

  • Use " " for phrase specific searching
  • The character is used as a wildcard: enforc* searches for enforce, enforced, enforcement, enforcing
  • AND narrows the search results
  • OR expands search results (used for synonyms or related words)
  • NOT excludes terms from a search

Fandom            Celebrity              Boosters

Fanatic             Follower              Supporter

Fan                   Following            Enthusiasts

Admirer            Buff                      Devotee

Aficionado       Fan Culture         Fanaticism

The Research Process

Use this diagram as a guide when doing your research.


Explanation of the research process.  Choose topic.  General overview.  Narrow to research question.  Type and amount of information. Choose access tools.  Examine results.  Evaluate sources.  Repeat as necessary.