STEM and Children's Literature: Student Biography

This resource guide complements the Pollak Library fall 2015 exhibit on children's literature and curriculum resources to support STEM elementary education.

Student Curator

Maiana PenalozaMariana Penaloza

Majors: English & Spanish and TESOL certification

Credential: Multiple Subject or Single Subject- Spanish

As a future elementary teacher I want to be able to incorporate STEM related literature into my curriculum and teach students about STEM topics. In addition, I believe one very simple way for ALL teachers to add STEM ideas and content to his or her curriculum is by building a classroom library of  STEM literature. No matter what subject you teach you can build a library of books about STEM. This exhibit will include K-5 children’s literature to offer ideas for how elementary school teachers can incorporate STEM across the curriculum. The exhibit will offer a selection of curated books from the Pollak Library’s curriculum material collection, as well as online resources for teachers, and best practice suggestions from professional associations that support childhood literacy. The exhibit will contain both a physical display, as well as an online resource component. The exhibit will help future educators to explore different STEM literature resources and how to expand knowledge about applying STEM education teaching  methods in the K-5 classroom.