Genetic Genealogy: Ethnicity

Understanding and using DNA for family history research.

Autosomal DNA Ethnicity Estimates by Testing Company

AncestryDNA test results include a report that is available from the DNA Story section of your test's main page. This includes an ethnicity estimate broken down into 26 categories (geographic regions), and into any of the more than 350 identified Genetic Communities.

Ethnicity Estimates

Welcome to AncestryDNA™ Ethnicity

Ken Chahine, Ph.D. (Sr. Vice President and General Manager) and Catherine Ball, Ph.D. (Vice President, Genomics and Bioinformatics) of AncestryDNA explain how how your ethnic results are analyzed and calculated, and how factors like migration and genetic inheritance patterns influence those estimates.

Breaking Down the Science Behind Ethnicity Results | AncestryDNA

Join Ross Curtis, PhD from the AncestryDNA science team as he talks us through the science behind the ethnicity results. Learn how we determine the ethnicity estimate and why it can be different than a sibling.

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