Postsecondary Reading and Learning: Evaluating Websites

Welcome! This guide is designed for students in the Postsecondary Reading and Learning online certificate program.

Evaluating Websites

This video will help you evaluate websites.

Searching Google

google search engine

Use “quotation marks” to search for exact phrases:

“bilingual education” 



Use “site:” to search for specific domains and/or websites “bilingual education” statistics

This search will locate statistics from governmental websites that pertain to "bilingual education."  - government sites  - academic sites  - organizations  - Los Angeles Times articles  - New York Times articles

site:  - searches California Dept. of Education

site:  - searches U.S. Dept. of Education

Bogus or Legit?: Questions to Ask When Evaluating Websites


Who created (author/s) this info and why? Is there an “About” tab?

What knowledge or skills do they have in the area?


Is the info biased? Are balance perspectives presented?

How does sponsorship impact the perspective of the info?


Is the info accurate?

Does the info come from a school, university, business, company site, or government institution?


Is there a created date or copyright year?

How current are the sources or links?


Is this info helpful to your project?