Computer Science 311: The Web

This guide is for students taking CPSC 311. It provides access to databases and relevant websites

Computer Science Information on the Web

the internetIt goes without saying that the world wide web contains a wealth of valuable information about the field of computer science. If you restrict your searches to government, scholarly, and education-based websites you will likely access unbiased, high-quality information that can be included in your research.

CiteSeerx is a web based search engine that focuses primarily on the literature in computer and information science.  You can use this tool to search through over 750,000 documents, including conference proceedings.  You can go to the CiteSeerX page dirctly, or you can use the widget in this guide.

The Google Scholar widget on this page is another search tool that will provide you with access to scientific literature.  If you can't find it in CiteSeerx, try using the Google Scholar widget.  You can also use Scholar to find the top journals in engineering and computer scinece.  Microsoft's Academic Search offers similar information on confrences and journal ranking.


citeseerx logoThis search box provides access to CiteSeerX, a search engine that focuses primarily on the literature in computer and information science.

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Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar to search through thousands of journals, many of which the Pollak library owns. You can also find patents and legal documents with Scholar

If you are off-campus click on this link to use the library enhanced version of Scholar.

Google Government Search

google governmentGoogle Government searches federal, state, and local web sites with domains .gov and .mil as well as select government sites with .edu, .us., and .com domains. Google Government is an excellent source for finding statistical information.

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