Troy High School IB Students - History: Primary Sources

This guide is for high school students at Troy in the IB program.

Primary Sources - World History

Primary Sources

United States History Photographs

Websites and databases good for finding photographs and other images useful in the study of United States history.

Europe-related Primary Sources

Links to important websites useful for finding primary source materials in European History.

Click on the links to explore some of the best websites devoted to primary sources in European history.

Africa-related Primary Sources

Asia-related Primary Sources

Links to websites useful for locating primary sources in Asian history

These websites provide you with many links to primary source materials useful for the study of Asian, East Asian, Southeast Asian, and South Asian history.

Latin America-related Primary Sources

Links to websites useful for finding primary sources in Latin American history

This list of website links gives you access to numerous online sources of primary source materials for the study of Latin America, in Spanish and in English translation.


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