EndNote Web: Cite While You Write

Online guide for the web version of EndNote, sometimes called EndNote Web or EndNote Basic.

Cite While you Write

Cite While You Write: EndNote plug-in which helps with writing papers. It will insert in-text citations, and add citations to your bibliography automatically while you write your papers in Word.

To download the plug-in:
1. Log-in to EndNote Web
2. Click on Format and then Cite While You Write Plug-in

After loading the plug-in:
1. EndNote Web will appear on the Word toolbar
2. Click on it to log-in to EndNote Web
3. As you write your paper, this service will enter in your in-text citation and add the item to your bibliography as you write the paper. 
To do this...1. Click on Find Citation, while in Word, and enter in your author's last name OR
              ...2. Go to EndNote Web and open it in a 2nd window or tab.
5. Always proof read the results carefully and make necessary corrections before turning in your paper.

Below is an example of what Cite While You Write will do for you. 
      Notice that the Cite While You Write program formatted the in-text citation as well as adding in the the bibliography entry at the bottom of the paper.  However, it is  important to proofread and make corrections as needed. example: [Article] in the citation is not used in APA style.


      In this article, the authors examine the attitudes and perceptions of land use of men and women living within 150 kilometers of the US Department of Energy's Savannah River Site in South Carolina. It was their conclusion that gender differences were a significant factor in the attitudes toward land use.  (Burger, Sanchez, Gibbons, & Gochfeld, 1998)



Burger, J., Sanchez, J., Gibbons, J. W., & Gochfeld, M. (1998). Gender differences in recreational use, environmental
     attitudes, and perceptions of future land. [Article]. Environment & Behavior, 30(4), 472