Anthropology 305: Articles

Anthropology Plus (EBSCO)

Covers all areas in anthropology, including social, cultural, physical, biological, medical, linguistic, applied, political, and visual anthropology; ethnography, ethnology, archaeology, folklore, human ecology, museum studies, material culture, and primatology. It indexes journal articles, reports, commentaries, edited works, and obituaries published in over 2500 journals and edited works in English and other European languages.

Cultural Anthropology Article Databases

Use this search box to simultaneously search several anthropology-related databases. Click on the database name to search using the database's own interface.

Religion Databases at Hope International University

Hope International University Darling Library permits Cal State Fullerton students to use some of their databases, but you must physically visit their library to use the databases. Hope is located across the street from Cal State Fullerton. Some of the more useful databases in religion include:

  • ATLA Religion Databases In EBSCOHost (includes full-text).
  • Religion Module in ProQuest (includes full-text).
  • The Christian Standard Subject Index for 1967-1993.
  • CDRI: Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative Digital images from ATLA
  • CPI (Christian Periodical Index)

For more information, please contact the Hope University Library staff directly, or consult their web site at


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