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Resources for conducting your family history

Resources for the Family History Assignments

Uncover Resources for your Family History Assignment


The guide will help you find resources to help you to prepare:

  1. to conduct an interview with your relative
  2. to explore library databases to help you create your family history

Don't get trapped in the idea that you can find everything you need to know by searching the INTERNET. There is no substitute for CONDUCTING THE ORAL INTERVIEW with a family member.


Thank you,

Barbara Miller,

Chicana & Chicano Resource Center Librarian

Question 1

Whom do you plan to interview?
Mother: 13 votes (36.11%)
Father: 6 votes (16.67%)
Aunt: 0 votes (0%)
Uncle: 1 votes (2.78%)
Grandmother: 10 votes (27.78%)
Grandfather: 3 votes (8.33%)
other: 3 votes (8.33%)
Total Votes: 36