Test Collection Library Guide: Locating Tests at the Library

Use this guide for locating information on psychometric tests at the Pollak Library

Library Catalog Title Search

Many tests are restricted to approved CSUF faculty and students only. Please see "Pollak Library Test File Guidelines for Use" for details. PLEASE NOTE: All tests and tests kits are located at the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor of Pollak Library North (with the exception of unrestricted test kits, which are located in the Instructional Media section on the 4th floor of Pollak Library North). Please confirm the location using the catalog record for your specific test.

Pollak Library Catalog Search for Tests

To search for a specific test in the Pollak Library's collection, please do a keyword search from the main search box if you know some words from the title. If you have the exact title, use the Advanced Search screen and select the "Title" option from the "Any field" drop-down menu.                           

Browsing All Tests

If you do a call number search of the Pollak Library catalog using the appropriate code for the different types of testing instruments in its collection--both restricted and unrestricted--you can view complete lists for each type of test.  In this section, you can access these lists directly by clicking on any of the codes below:

IMTF  -  unrestricted tests

IMTFR  -  restricted tests

LB 1131 IMTK  -  unrestricted test kits

IMTKR  -  restricted test kits

Test Subject Classification Index

Buros Institute Classified Subject Index

If you wish to find tests by subject, the Classified Subject Index classifies all tests included in the Mental Measurements Yearbook (since the 9th edition, 1985) into 19 major categories.