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Chicana & Chicano Studies (CHIC) -- Family History Focus: Home

An online guide for research resources in Chicana & Chicano Studies topics with family history focus

Resources for Genealogy and Family History Assignments

Uncover Resources for Genealogy and Family History Assignments


The guide will help you find resources to help you to prepare:

  1. to conduct interviews with your relatives
  2. to use library databases and other resources for evidence to help you place your family history within the context of local, national and world history
  3. to use proper citations, generate bibliographies, reference lists, or work cited pages and avoid plagiarism.

Don't get trapped in the idea that you can find everything you need to know by searching the INTERNET. There are a lot of great INTERNET web sites and portals and even more information to be had uncovering long lost relatives via genealogical links on facebook and other social media sites. HOWEVER, there is no substitute for CONDUCTING ORAL INTERVIEWS with family members. 

Please let us know what you think. For help using this guide or for help with your research, please contact me via email, chat or telephone using the links to the right.


Thank you,

Barbara Miller,

Chicana & Chicano Resource Center Librarian

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