Education: Books & Encyclopedias

A portal to resources for research in education. This guide is primarily intended for graduate students in the College of Education.

Books: Excellent sources for starting your research

Scholarly books and encyclopedias are great sources when starting your research.

Most of the books in the Pollak Library Catalog are scholarly, that means they can provide an overview of your topic.  Sometimes you only need to read one chapter in the book, but each chapter includes a bibliography which can lead you to additional sources.  Often, the chapter headings in the book can help you focus a large topic, such as No Child Left Behind, into a narrower research focus that can be explored in a smaller paper.

You can find encyclopedias in the Pollak Library Catalog by conducting a keyword search such as:

education AND encyclopedia or "multicultural education" AND encyclopedia

You can find scholarly books on your topic -- complete with useful bibliographies -- by conducting a keyword search in the catalog. Use the same keywords you'd use in any other database.

Scholarly monographs are single-volume works targeting specialized topics, and written for an academic audience. Using the index to navigate through a monograph is an efficient way to target the volume's content.

Remember: If you are enrolled in a distance or online program, the Library will mail any print materials you need to your home.  Please contact the library for more information.

You may also find useful the following selection of eBook resources: 

Sage Research Methods – eBooks, journal articles, reference books covering research methods types and applications

Ebooks on various education topics.

FAQs about eBooks

Education Encyclopedias