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Sage Research Methods

SRMO      The Pollak Library has recently subscribed to a unique online resource, Sage Research Methods.  This database includes books, book chapters, essays, and articles all on research methods in the Social Sciences.  It is full-text source which includes 350+  journal articles, 700+ books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, videos, Major Works (compilation of articles and chapters from many sources) along with 169 volumes of The Little Green Books (the Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences  series) along with 48 Little Blue Books (SAGE’s Qualitative Research Methods series). 
       I would suggest to those people  who are taking a class with a research methods component, to take a look at the database and the list of full-text books. Considering the cost of textbooks, it certainly would be nice if a book you were assigned was available online for free through this database.

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