ASAM 308 Asian American Women: Welcome

Welcome to Research!

Welcome to research! This guide is designed to help ASAM 308 students find a variety of sources on your research topics. Please familiarize yourself with the following highlights before beginning your research: 

Cover of " Asian American Women and Men"  by Yen Le Espiritu.Research Guide Highlight:
1. The Books, Journal Articles, News & Magazines tabs on this guide will lead you to a variety of sources you can use for your research. Click on each of these categories to find books or articles on your topic;
2. Evaluating Sources provides pointers for you to distinguish between scholarly and popular sources as well as criteria for evaluating internet resources; 
3. I have provided search examples and search strategies for you under Books and Journal Articles. You can apply these strategies to search in different databases, including magazine & newspaper databases;
4. I have provided a link to Online Tutorialdesigned by Instruction Design librarian Lindsay O'Neill-- for you to learn how to search books, check out books, introduction to research, and other topics.
5. You can also find guide to citing sources using MLA style.

Please feel welcome to contact me, or ask a librarian for research help, if you have questions.

Jie Tian
Research Librarian, Pollak Library
California State University, Fullerton

Email:; Office Phone: (657) 278-2569


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