An overview of altmetrics: what it is, major issues, tools, use cases.

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Altmetrics "is the creation and study of new metrics based on the Social Web for analyzing, and informing scholarship." -

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  • Tools for tracking and analyzing altmetrics.
  • Tips and how-to info for using these tools.
  • Issues for and against altmetrics.
  • Example uses cases.

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An introduction and overview from the STM Innovations Seminar 2012.

Overview of the almetrics landscape

Altmetrics attempts to provide timely measures of an impact through the use of metrics from HTML views and downloads of scholarly articles, blog posts, tweets, bookmarks, etc. Publishers of scientific research have enabled altmetrics on their articles, open source applications are available for platforms to display altmetrics on scientific research and subscription models have been created to measure the use that research articles receive online. This presentation reviews some of the current models for providing altmetrics along with information on a selection the providers that have made altmetrics available for general use. By Richard Cave, IT Director, Public Librayr of Science.

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