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This guide will show you how to:

  •  Find Books, both print and ebooks
  •  Find Journal and Magazine Articles
  •  Avoid Plagiarism
  •  Cite Your Sources in APA format
  •  Evaluate Web sources

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ALP Composition – Collegiate
Library Research Project Guidelines
Fall 2017


The Library Research Project will allow you to identify a topic of special interest and explore it in depth.  You will have the opportunity to practice writing a research-based paper and expand your information literacy skills.  The project will also include an oral classroom presentation.

General Goals for Information Literacy

Information Literacy Competency Standards include:                                

  • determining the nature and extent of information needed for a particular purpose;
  • accessing useful information efficiently;
  • evaluating information and its sources critically;
  • using information effectively, ethically, and legally.


There must be at least one citation from each of the following categories:

  • Book (with an author – not an encyclopedia or other reference book)
  • Scholarly journal article
  • Newspaper or magazine article
  • Website

In documenting sources, follow APA format.
You must also include a Works Evaluated page in which you briefly evaluate each source.  How valuable was each source in writing your paper?  How easy was it to use?  How credible was it – and how did you evaluate this? 

Final Products

  • a five-page paper (not including the title page, bibliography, and Works Evaluated pages) which presents the results of your research
  • a title page, a bibliography, and a Works Evaluated page
  • a one page abstract for classroom presentation

Spark Tutorials!

Pollak Library’s Spark Tutorials are a collection of interactive tutorials in TITANium that will give you a thorough orientation to Pollak Library. Once you complete all of the tutorials (10-15 minutes each) , you will be familiar with the library’s services and collections, with the basic functions of the library website including how to get started with library research, and how to get help with library research. You earn a digital badge for 100% scores on each tutorial. The Spark Tutorials are closed captioned.

Visit the Spark Tutorials in Titanium.                                        Spark Tutorial Badges

Spark Tutorial suite includes:

  • Pollak Library: Services & Collections
  • Pollak Library: Finding Books & Media
  • Pollak Library: Finding Articles & Databases
  • Pollak Library: Help & Support