How to create, link, and leverage your Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier (ORCiD)

Tips for Leveraging Your ORCID

Sign into your ORCID profile using your CSUF login: On the ORCID sign-in page, select "Institutional account." This way you don't have to remember your ORCID login.

Make your works public: This maximizes the visibility of your research, and options for integrating your ORCID account with other systems.

Add name variations to your ORCID profile: If you have published under other names, be sure this is reflected in your ORCID profile.

Use your ORCID ID: Provide your ID as prompted when submitting manuscripts and grant proposals.

Link your ORCID ID: Link your ORCID to other services including ResearcherID, figshare, and professional organizations.

Consider displaying your ORCID ID: You may want to include your ORCID on conference posters, webpages, email signature lines, blogs, business cards, social media accounts--anyplace where you'd like to refer others quickly and reliably to the body of your research.