English Education: Welcome

This guide introduces future teachers to Pollak Library and Web resources that will help enhance their understanding of teaching reading, writing, and literature.

Welcome: Research Resources in English

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This guide covers resources on teaching English language and literature. 
We'll learn how to:

Locate books, films, and other materials using library catalogs;

Find research articles on lesson plans and analysis of literary works;

Search for non-fiction writings about authors and their works;

Locate websites on authors, writing, and teaching literature;

Track background information on authors and works in reference databases;

Cite sources.    

Welcome to contact me if you need more help, or ask a librarian

Best wishes with your research!

Jie Tian​
Librarian, Pollak Library 
California State University, Fullerton
jtian@fullerton.edu; (657) 278-2569

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